OMG! Platinum Purple 3In1 Facial Mask

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Fashion is the New Skincare 3 in 1 kit
What if fashion and skincare became one? Well, OMG!! has done just that! This amazing collection of fashion forward 3 in 1 mask kits features colourful and fun peel off formulas to address your specific skin concerns. Pink, green, purple or silver? Pick one colour kit or pick a few and stay ahead of your skincare needs. Cutting edge ingredients revive your complexion. The OMG!! Platinum Facial Mask Purple kit gives your skin a vital boost of antioxidants, hydration and revitalisation.
  • Each 3 in 1 kit features different Peel Off Masks to address specific skin concerns. Detox Bubbling Masks and Serum Pads are included with all kits
  • Purple kit includes Step 1: Detox Bubbling Mask to cleanse and gently remove dead skin
  • Purple kit includes Step 2: Peel Off Mask to revive the complexion with cutting edge ingredients
  • Peel Off Mask ingredients include: Raspberry Extract Hydrating, Strawberry Extract Antioxidant, Blueberry Extract Revitalising, Blackberry Extract Revitalising
  • Purple kit includes Step 3: Serum Pad to remove any mask residue and infuse skin with anti-ageing serum

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