Design.ME Fab.ME Multi Purpose Lotion 230ml

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The Mother of all Hair Treatments
Design.ME Fab.ME Multi Purpose Lotion is a light-as-air, leave-in mist with a fabulosity that restores luminosity and more! Each pearl of goodness helps provide overall conditioning, gives colour fade the cold shoulder, revives shine and lustre, and untangles hair into smooth, run-your-fingers-through-it strands. Your hair is more manageable, protected from free radicals, heat damage, spilt ends and breakage.

Fab.ME also strengthens your hairs natural outer layer, making it less porous, reducing frizz and static, increasing silky smoothness and creating a shield from environmental damage. Fab.ME is all kinds of fabulous on all kinds of hair types.

Why youll love it DEFENSE : 1. Colour fade protection, 2. Split end smoother, 3. Breakage prevention, 4. Free radical and heat damage protection, 5. Revitaliser for hairs natural protective layer, 6. Protection against environmental damage. CONTROL: 7. Detangling, 8. Enhanced manageability, 9. Reduced blow-drying time, 10. Static reduction, 11. Frizz control, 12. Porosity control. FABULOUS: 13. Light conditioning, 14. Shine and lustre, 15. Hydration, 16. Strengthener, 17. Enhances volume, 18. Silky feel.
  • 18 benefits in 1
  • Shines, hydrates, conditions, detangles, controls, strengthens, nourishes, protects and more
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty free
  • Made in Canada
  • Size: 230ml
How To Use:
  • Shake well. Mist Design.ME Fab.ME Multi Purpose Lotion on damp hair, comb through, style and slay.

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