WetBrush Flex Dry Detangling Hair Brush Ombre

  • Brand: Wet Brush
  • Product Code: 101436
  • Availability: In Stock
Flex. Detangle. Blowdry.
The brush thats got it all - enhanced detangling from WetBrush! WetBrush Flex Dry Detangling Hair Brush Ombre features Dual Flex Technology, providing twice the detangling power with a flexible brush head design.

A supple brush head curves around the shape of your head for the closest detangling yet! Designed without a cushion for easy cleaning and air drying, with a vented back for use with a hair dryer, helping hot air reach the hair and dry hair faster than ever!

Utilising WetBrush exclusive IntelliFlex bristles, strong and sturdy to take on the toughest knots, yet bend and flex, detangling gently to prevent damage to hair.
  • Dual Flex Technology helps brush contour around your head for enhanced effectiveness
  • IntelliFlex bristles bend and flex through hair to detangle without damage
  • Vented design and open help to dry hair faster than a normal brush
  • Heat resistant for use when styling with a hair dryer
  • Detangling for wet or dry hair

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