Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer Red And Magic Sense Diffuser 2250W

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Alyon and MagicSense Diffuser
Alyon and MagicSense Diffuser, the power couple. Introducing the Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech Hair Dryer in Red, where state-of-the-art Air Ionizer Tech meets outstanding performance. Lightweight, ergonomic and durable, the Parlux Alyon will never limit your creativity. Air Ionizer Tech is kinder to hair, creating effortlessly lustrous results. An advanced combination of innovation and technology encased in gorgeous midnight blue. Parlux MagicSense Diffusers larger size, as well as rapid hook-on feature for Parlux Alyon, enables the magic airflow/temperature ratio for perfect curls.

Superior airflow which does not mess up hair.
Perfect temperature/airflow ratio for perfect curls.
Larger size, ideal for faster drying.
Rapid hook-on specifically for Parlux Alyon and Advance hair dryers.
  • 2250 watts of controlled power
  • Longer lifespan: massive 3,000 hours
  • Concentrated airflow: 84 m/h airflow
  • Air Ionizer Tech ionic technology creates smooth, shiny results while being kinder to hair
  • 4 temperature / 2 speeds: ideal for all hair types and textures
  • Ergonomic design and balanced weight
  • Ultra-lightweight: weighs just 456g
  • Professional K-Advanced Plus Motor
  • Anti-heating front body for easy styling
  • HFS (Hair Free System): innovative hair catcher system in the filter to increase lifespan
  • Soft Touch switches
  • Cold Air Button
  • Built-in cable holder
  • Includes two concentrator nozzles to direct airflow
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in Italy
Set Includes:
  • Magic Sense diffuser
  • 2 concentrator nozzles to direct airflow

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