Rubis Slant Tweezer White Fern

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The Highest Swiss Quality
An internationally renowned premium brand, make-up artists such as Bobbi Brown swear by Rubis products, dubbing Rubis as the Ferrari of tweezers.

Made in Switzerland, this delicately decorated white with a fern design tweezer not only incorporates a chic and minimalistic design but will ensure the full removal of each hair, roots included. Guaranteeing superior precision and perfect closure every time. Utilising the highest quality surgical stainless steel, which is rustproof and acid-proof, Rubis Slant Tweezer White Fern will ensure perfect plucking every time.

* This Rubis Tweezer is colour coated and cannot be put into an autoclave (steam steriliser). Care must also be taken when cleaning with a disinfectant. Only disinfect the stainless-steel tips and not the coloured coating, as this can cause lifting.
  • Chic white finish with delicate leaf design
  • Individually handcrafted in Switzerland
  • The 45-step manufacturing process ensures perfect tip alignment
  • Made from the finest antacid, non-magnetic surgical stainless steel
  • Trained craftsman hand finish and inspect each tweezer under high magnification
  • Each tweezer is tested for weight, balance and best performance to guarantee top Swiss quality
  • Ergonomically correct form for optimum effectiveness and ease of handling
  • Precision plucking; a secure grip on even the finest hairs

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