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For the past 40 years, the Gama Professional mantra has been “to produce professional beauty and styling tools”.

The introduction of the new range of all-Italian design professional hair dryers represents yet another milestone in Gama Professional’s ongoing pursuit of technological innovation.

No dryer has ever been so light, so hot and so powerful in hairdryer history as the Gama Professional IQ Perfetto. The new intelligence!

Buy Gama Professional online with confidence as you are purchasing directly from an official New Zealand authorised stockist with a manufacturer guarantee of 2 years.

Gama Professional iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer

Gama Professional iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer

Brand: Gama Professional

Product Code: 900600

$412.97 $458.85
A New Era In Hair Dryers
The lightest, most powerful and most intelligent hair dryer! Welcome a new era in hairdryers with IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer by Gama Professional, an amazing technological advancement weighing in at only 294 grams (the weight of your smartphone!). This is the hair dryer hairstylists have dreamed of: ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight, quiet, self-cleaning with exceptional performance. IQ Perfetto is the super smart brushless motor delivers speed up to 110,000 rpm, 7 times faster than a traditional hair dryer. A cult object and essential styling tool!
  • 294 grams - the average weight of a smartphone
  • Intelligent brushless, long-life motor with speed to 110,000 rpm: 7 times faster than a traditional hair dryer
  • 2000 watts of power
  • Venturi Effect multiplies air flow without using extra power
  • Super quiet at only 78 dB
  • Inbuilt anti-bacterial and ionic generator for smoother, colour protective results
  • Ultra-compact at nearly half the size of a traditional hair dryer: Air outlet D 46mm x W 193.5mm x H 166.8mm
  • Digital interface
  • Memory function allows the dryer to remember speed and temperate settings
  • 12 available configurations and cold shot button
  • Auto-Clean Technology allows deep-cleaning of the rear filter
  • Oxy Active Technology: Ozone ion emission to smooth the hair cuticle for sensational results
  • Self-diagnoses any irregularities
  • Perfectly balanced to prevent sore arms
  • 3 metre professional length cable
  • Designed in Italy
  • 2 year warranty
Set Includes:
  • Includes 1 diffuser and 2 nozzles
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